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Meet Dr. Mathias, a Stanford-trained regenerative medicine specialist who heads HavenMD. HavenMD is a medical spa based in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley that focuses on helping every client become their best self. Since she sees a lot of new moms along their journey, we thought we’d pick her brain.

What’s the biggest concern you see from new moms?

I’ve met so many wonderful moms who feel like their intimate areas just aren’t the same after giving birth. They feel more lax in their intimate areas and oftentimes experience incontinence, especially after having delivered big babies vaginally. It’s so important to talk about these things especially because so many moms can feel depressed and alone with these feelings. You are not alone and we can help at Haven. We’ve got a completely noninvasive, painless laser treatment called Femilift to rejuvenate your feminine areas. We even have laser lightening treatments to treat any discoloration.

What’s something you wish you could tell every new mom?

Stretch marks aren’t a badge of momhood that you have to live with. They are completely treatable. I’ve given every pregnant friend of mine my magic combination: Lemieux 24-hour age defying cream mixed with their clinical strength TGF-B serum to put on their stretch marks daily during pregnancy. After pregnancy, it depends on whether your stretch marks are red in nature or white. If they’re red, they can oftentimes be treated with lasers. If they are white, micro-needling with serums can yield fantastic results. We’ll find the best solution for you.

What’s the best thing I can do for my face as a new mom?

SUNSCREEN.  If you have to do one thing, protect your face from the sun. You’re too busy to spend a lot of time figuring out your perfect skincare regimen— let us do that for you. At our Huntington Beach location we can treat you to a hydrafacial which is so crucial for so many things. It keeps your skin hydrated, staves off wrinkles, and brings old pigmentation to the surface so we can reduce the incidence of future age spots.

What if I need more than maintenance treatments?

Your face may need botox or laser treatments for wrinkles, and if that’s you, trust me when I say we’ve got you. We’re experts at subtly enhancing natural beauty. We’ve got an incredible plasma therapy NEOGEN laser that gives all the benefits of an aggressive laser facelift with half the downtime. It targets hyperpigmentation that can happen with hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy, and literally uses your skin as a bandaid as you create new skin with less deep wrinkles and spots. The results are incredible.

With all of these resources, what do you do for your skin?

I converted from regular facials to hydrafacials after the first one I did. I’m a big proponent of maintenance care, and I’ve never seen results after a facial like those.  I LOVE Zein Obagi sunscreen— I’ve used it since I was 16. Le Mieux has a derma relief serum that I use every day, usually in place of moisturizer. I put it on my hands to fix cracked skin that happens in the winter. In today’s sea of products, I appreciate that I understand every clinical ingredient Lemieux uses in their products. We carry Lemieux and ZO products at our spas because I still have yet to find more effective and fun products like them, and I could never recommend something to a client that I didn’t love myself.

Any last thoughts?

Yes — find the good in every day! Being a new mom is a challenge, a journey, and a blessing. Enjoy the good moments, and when the bad moments happen, know that they are temporary. Of course, we are here for you when you need us. If you have questions, please reach out to us at [email protected] or visit us at www.havenmd.com to learn more.  You can also follow us on Instagram @havenmdoc.


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