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Erika is a mom of three who started her own company, Sunkissed OC, and is passionate about spreading the love of clean beauty.

Where are you from originally?

Northern California – Livermore to be exact.

How long have you lived in Newport Beach? How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I’ve lived here just a month shy of 2 years. I have 3 kiddos:  Chad – 14 (8th grade), Braden – 13 (7th grade), and Skylar – 9 (3rd grade)

What are your favorite things to do with your kids in general or in town?

The beach! We love going to Little Corona to explore the tide pools, Big Corona for jumping in the waves and playing in the sand, and the Peninsula for surfing and kicking the soccer ball around.

Name 3 things in town you can’t live without.

goldbarre – a boutique barre studio in Fashion Island that is my favorite place to take an hour for my own health. And I LOVE the ladies that teach and workout there.

b.candy – Skylar and I can spend hours in there!!! I love all of it from the colors, candy, and fun gifts you can’t find anywhere else!

Blissful Beauty Lounge – hands down the best in hair, nails, facials, lashes – everything for getting my beauty on. They have become like family – love on my kids and me every time!

What’s your favorite restaurant in town for a family date?

So many places we love! Sgt. Pepperoni’s is a crowd pleaser – the friendliest, coolest people work there, gigantic salads, and wine on tap….nothing else to say there…

A night out with friends?

Habana in Costa Mesa – I love the vibe. It’s lively but not distracting from the loves that you’re with. The drinks are fantastic, all the food is amazing – the salmon is by far the best around. It’s like a mini-getaway.

What is your favorite kid-friendly recipe?

I love cooking – I would say my tacos are on the top of kid favorites. It’s the same as my mom made (except I use ground turkey), super simple spices and insanely quick. I like to fry the corn tortillas for fresh crunchy taco shells. Unfortunately it’s a lot of a dash here and a pinch there – no official recipe. Chili powder, onion chips, cumin, oregano, thyme, salt, pepper and a splash of vinegar.

What is your local go-to store for children’s clothes?

The boys find everything at Jacks which is super convenient. Skylar and I take a little more time walking around Fashion Island, peeking around CDM boutiques and Westcliff Village. We love shopping and are always looking.

What are your favorite events in Costa Mesa or Newport Beach?

CDM Christmas Walk is definitely a highlight.  The OC Fair is another can’t miss for us.  The boat show on Lido is so much fun too.

Do you have a favorite destination for family trips?

We love Lake Tahoe. It’s so different than Orange County and is insanely beautiful. We love going up there year round. Snowboarding and ice skating at Heavenly in the winter, and then boats and bike riding in the summer.

Name a favorite book?

Unfortunately my reading time has been completely absorbed by the rest of life….I love podcasts though!!! I’m currently listening to “The Lady Vanishes.” I seriously binge listen to these true life mysteries.

What has been the most difficult age with your children to date?

Mmmmmm probably the 13, 14 almost 15 transition. Trying to learn that they are growing into mini-adults and what that means as a mom/parent for protecting and teaching them.

What helped you overcome the challenges at that time?

Friends! Being honest with close friends and listening to their experiences with their kids/mini-adults.

What is one piece of advice you would pass along to other moms?

Look at the really tough stuff and be thankful that you are the one that is showing your kids how to navigate through it. You are equipping your kiddos with firsthand knowledge that they can and will get through anything, and it will all be good – and probably even great!!!

What do you most value in your friends?

Laughing. Unconditional love. Freedom to be honest and just me. I have the best friends. The kids and I are so lucky to have these amazing people that have become a true family.

What was your career before having children?

I was an elementary school teacher which I LOVED!!

If it’s the same, how do you balance career & motherhood?

I have taught elementary since being a mom, but find my passion in many areas that educate everyone. I started Sunkissed OC, my organic sunless spray tan because I wanted to open the discussion for what we are putting on our skin and then is being absorbed into our bodies. I also hate that chemicals rinse off of us and are destroying our reefs, etc. My kids are my biggest supporters and it’s a team effort to balance life for sure. They have to sacrifice convenience and time to allow me to be successful in my work.

IF and when you get time to yourself, what’s your favorite thing to do?

I love sleeping! And I love catching up on tv shows. Basically when I have a moment – I like to sit, grab a glass of wine, and watch tv. I’ve been known to throw some guilty snacks in there too.

Can you tell us a little more about Sunkissed OC?

My passion is spreading the love of clean beauty. Taking care of ourselves should not come at the expense of our actual health and our environment. There are BETTER beauty products out there.

Having a healthy tan feels good, but not at the expense of our skin health. Melanoma is real and has affected many people in my life. I am so thankful I have been able to open a business, Sunkissed OC, and am able to share this industry changing solution with everyone. It is an organic tanning solution that is vegan and cruelty free, lasts 8-12 days, has no nasty chemicals AND to everyone’s shock, no smell! You get an immediate bronze glow, it’s quick drying AND is full of anti-aging ingredients, skin tightening and cellulite reduction hydrating botanicals. Basically it’s a game changer.  **Mention Newport Mesa Moms and get 20% off your first airbrush session!**

Thank you Erika!

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