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What’s better than a backyard party or an afternoon of playing games with the family?  With our amazing Southern California weather, you can play outside year round.  Here are a few of our favorite games and ideas (separated into categories of Littles, Mediums, and Adults).

For Littles

Create an Outdoor Chalkboard

Head to the local hardware store to get a large plywood board and paint it using chalkboard paint. This gives your little ones a chance to create beautiful decorations with chalk, or play life-size tic tac toe with an easy clean up when using a hose!

Life-Size Dominos

Remember how fun dominos were? This gives your littles a chance to be creative as there are endless opportunities to knock them over. We found this set on Amazon! 

Set Up an Obstacle Course

This can be as challenging as you want! Set up some strings, cardboard boxes, and tires to maneuver through. We were guided by this great article! 

For Mediums


This easy-to-play game can get pretty competitive. Muster up your spike ball squad and play this game anywhere from the beach to the backyard. Play with 4, switch up the teams, and let the fun begin! Buy here on Amazon. 

Capture the Flag

Everyone’s rules tend to be a bit different but the goal is the same: get your flag to your side before the other team does! Get tagged, go to jail, but that is the risk you take when crossing the line. You can decide ahead of time if you want to have a jail guard, but always have someone to protect the flag!


This game takes focus and precision and is fun for everyone who can throw a bean bag! One point if it lands on the board, two points if its halfway in the hole, and three points if you throw it in the hole! Practice makes perfect. Pick your set based on personal preference.


Time to bring back a classic! Fun for the beach or the backyard, this portable set can go anywhere. From young to old, the skill set doesn’t quite matter. Especially fun for family parties, everyone can play.

Life-Size Jenga

Life size games are just plain fun, and there are so many different ways to play Jenga.  This set comes with a dry erase board where you can keep track of your own made-up rules.  Perfect for a backyard party or fun with the family.

For Adults

Kan Jam

This is another game that is perfect for both the backyard and the beach! With the use of frisbees, it can be a bit more dangerous so we recommend for adults. It is the perfect combination of fun and dexterity. One person is a thrower, one is a deflector. 1 point “dinger” for a redirected hit, 2 points “deuce,” and 3 points for a “bucket”. Get a set here! 


As an international game, this is ideal for entertaining! There are rules that are “official” but it is easy to set up all over the lawn. Croquet sets vary in style but pick the one that is perfect for you and the fam!


This is generally played between two people or two teams which makes it perfect for any dinner party! Set up the stakes and toss the horseshoes to the best of your ability. We found this set here! 

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