What Your Child’s Elementary School Teacher Wants You To Know | Newport Mesa Moms

It’s back to school time!  Are your kids nervous, or are YOU?  Sometimes I think us parents worry a little more because we just want it to go well for our littles.  So in an effort to make it a happy time and set everyone up for success, we asked a local elementary school teacher what teachers really want parents to know:

  • Make drop off short and sweet!  Don’t linger, it leads to upset children.  A hug and kiss and you’re off.  Reassure little ones that “Mommy/Daddy” always comes back!

  • SLEEP!  Lack of sleep affects children in so many ways!  We know it can be hard with after school activities, homework and family obligations, but please make sleep and nighttime routines a priority!

  • Children should eat a nutritious and filling breakfast EVERY morning, even if it’s in the car on the way to school.  Children are ready to learn, focus better, and feel better when they have had breakfast. 

  • Children need structure and routines.  If mornings are hectic and stressful it sets a negative tone for your child’s day.  To help with this, try to do as much as you can the night before: make lunches, pick out clothes for the next day, have backpacks packed, homework completed and in backpack/folder.  Even fill up water bottles the night before!  The less stress and chaos in the morning the better! 

  • Please read and re-read ALL communication that comes home for your child’s teacher and school.  Teachers spend a lot of time preparing emails, newsletters, websites, etc. and expect parents to take the time to read this communication!

  • Label EVERYTHING!  Lunch boxes, containers inside lunch boxes, water bottles, jackets.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of items that are left behind in classrooms and on playgrounds!

  • Read with/to your child EVERY night!!  Children are never too old to be read to.

  • Help teach your child how to advocate for themselves and how to problem solve.  Teachers love to see students first try to solve a problem on their own.  Students need to be advocates for themselves when they are at school.  You can teach these skills through modeling and role-play at home.  Ask questions like “What do you think you should do?” and “How will you handle this?”

  • Encourage a “Growth Mindset” way of thinking for your child.  If your child is upset or frustrated about not being able to do or understand something, have them practice using the language “I can’t do it YET but I will keep trying until I get it right!” 

  • Reinforce good manners at home and out in public.  Simple manners like saying “please and thank you” or “excuse me” go a long way in the classroom!

  • Be a supportive role model.  Be calm, consistent and focus on your child’s progress and effort this school year.  Praise them often but also let them make mistakes!  They need to be able to see and understand the consequences of their actions.  


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